Consult With Your Coolangatta Realty Agent
A trained eye can help you enhance the value and saleability of your home.

Looking Your Best

Street appeal is so important.  Tidy the yard, keep the lawn trimmed, put out fresh mulch in the garden and make sure all gates are easy to open.  Give the fence a fresh coat of paint, wash the house and acid wash your pavers and concrete paths. The front door needs to be clean with a homely touch, such as pot plants and nice a door mat.

Repairs Can Make A Huge Difference

It is easy to fix things like broken door knobs, sticking windows and squeaking doors.   It's these little things that we take for granted when living in a home, but are obvious to a buyer and detract from the price.

Spring Clean

Clean the inside of you home from top to bottom.  A neat uncluttered home will give the impression of space and take away distractions so that the buyer can focus on the property.

Let There Be Light

Most prospective buyers like homes that are bright and airy.  Open up windows doors and curtains to create light and breezes.  Put lights on, even in the daytime, especially in the kitchens and bathrooms.  Use mirrors, where possible, in dark corners to create the illusion of more light.

Make Your Home Inviting

Present the home as if you are about to have friends over.  Use fresh flowers to create a centre piece in the room.  The pleasant smells and fragrances add to a welcoming atmosphere.

The Bedroom - Make sure your bedspread is crisply ironed and the bed is made perfectly.  Lots of pillows and a new doona cover can be very effective.  Ultimately, you want it to look like a hotel.  Look at some magazines for ideas.

Dress up the Bathroom - Again, make the bathroom look like you are about to have guests over.  You can achieve this by buying a beautiful set of towels and quality soaps and bath oils that you use just for inspections or open house.

Creating the Mood - Music works extremely well as prospective buyers can freely look and talk about the house without feeling like somebody is watching over them.

Like us, Our Homes Have There Best Hour

Just like some of us are morning, afternoon and night people so are our homes. Be sure to try and present your home in its best light. You